Greetings!  My name is Christine Garton. I help people feel better by showing them how to change the way they think about and experience life.

I’m a Positive Mindset Coach, Bariatric Surgery Coach, Online Course Creator, Retreat and Workshop Leader, Public Speaker and Blogger.  All those labels don’t really tell you who I am, but hopefully they will give you an idea of the kind of work I do.

All my life people have come to me to pour out their problems and share their struggles with me.  When I was a junior in high school, I remember having a freshman guy I knew from my neighborhood share his problems with his alcoholic mom with me one day.  After he bared his soul, I asked him why he told me all of this since he didn’t really know me that well.  His answer: “You look like someone I can trust.”

That’s what I’ve been told over and over again for 30+ years.  I’m the person people stop to ask for directions on the street or ask a question about where something is in the grocery store.  I’ve been told by those who love me that I can strike up a conversation with a brick wall!

Since I was a child I knew I wanted to help people.  In college, I wanted to become a psychologist, specializing in marriage and family therapy.  Then I had a traumatic experience my junior year of college that led me to hearing my call to ministry.   After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I spent a couple of years in the real world fighting that call to ministry.  Finally, I decided I didn’t like life in the real world, so I went to Seminary, where I received my Master’s of Divinity and my Master of Arts in Christian Education.  For the record, I’m NOT an ordained pastor.  That just wasn’t part of my calling. I have worked in churches for 20+ years as a Youth Director, Christian Educator, and Director of Children’s Ministry. 

I LOVE the creative planning process!!!  During my ministry career I worked with many teens and adults to help them figure out how to cope with what life brought them.  However, I’ve wanted to become a professional Coach for many years now, so when my last ministry position was reduced drastically due to a budget shortfall, I decided to take the leap and follow my dream of being a Coach.  After all, I’ve been doing this kind of work since 1985!  I just didn’t call it coaching.

Other info about me which might be of interest includes: I’m a North Carolina girl transplanted to the Philadelphia area and I love it here!  I married the love of my life in 2003. I’m a mom to 2 human children, 2 dogs, and 1 African Dwarf frog.  I’m a rabid Duke Blue Devils fan, but I’ll still associate with you if you root for another team (except for UNC.  Kidding!  One of my closest friends went to UNC and we’ve been friends for 30 years!)  I collect all things Snoopy, owls, and turtles.

If you have questions about me or my services, I’m happy to answer them!  Please email questions to

I look forward to getting to know you, hearing about your hopes and dreams and struggles, and to serving and supporting you so you can achieve all you’re dreaming of!